Another utility to investigate sockets


ss -t -a
      Display all TCP sockets.

ss -u -a
      Display all UDP sockets.

ss -o state established '( dport = :ssh or sport = :ssh )'
      Display all established ssh connections.

ss -x src /tmp/.X11-unix/*
      Find all local processes connected to X server.

ss -o state fin-wait-1 '( sport = :http or sport = :https )' dst 193.233.7/24
      List all the tcp sockets in state FIN-WAIT-1 for our apache to network 193.233.7/24 and look at their timers.

ss -i 详解

Netid  State      Recv-Q Send-Q   Local Address:Port       Peer Address:Port
ESTAB       0      0 ::ffff: ::ffff:
cubic wscale:6,7 rto:204 rtt:7.5/3 ato:40 mss:21888 cwnd:10 ssthresh:7 send 233.5Mbps rcv_rtt:22200.7 rcv_space:43690
  • Recv-Q,The count of bytes not copied by the user program connected to this socket.
  • Send-Q,The count of bytes not acknowledged by the remote host.
  • cubic,TCP 拥塞控制使用的算法,通过 /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_congestion_control 设置
  • wscale,rwnd 的 scale 值,逗号前面的 6 对远端提供的 rwnd 起作用,逗号后面的 7 对我们提供给远端的 rwnd 起作用。/proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling 控制是否开启 scale
  • rto,Retransmittion Timeout,204ms 内没收到 ack,理论上最小为1s,但 Linux 实现中默认一般小于1s,见参考5。 netstat -s | grep retrans 可以看到重传数
  • rtt,Round Trip Time (is the delays between sent packets and received ACK)
  • cwnd,current congestion window size
  • ssthresh,a system-configured congestion threshold。在 tcp 慢启动阶段,cwnd <= ssthresh 。在 /sys/module/tcp_cubic/parameters/initial_ssthresh 中设置,默认为 0.
  • rcv_rtt,The time to receive one full window
  • rcv_space,twice the most recently measured window? TCP's internal auto-tuning to grow socket buffers based on how much data the kernel estimates the sender can send


  3. What is rcv_space in the 'ss --info' output, and why it's value is larger than net.core.rmem_max
  5. Performance Best Practice: Monitor TCP Retransmits

ss 源码

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